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How can A2Z Help Empower Your Child?

"Our ideal clients are parents who recognize that getting into the right college is the key to their child’s future success. High school is stressful for both parents and kids and when they’re faced with the complex decisions and processes around college admissions, they can get overwhelmed. Our clients really appreciate that we are able to provide them with solid tangible steps to make the process easier. At the end of the day our goal is to help college bound students achieve their dreams” – Founder & Director, Rhonda Manns McRae.
College admissions are a competitive and complicated process. Having an expert by your side ensures you’re doing the best you can to protect your child’s future. The A2Z team is comprised of experienced educational professionals in the Triangle area and is led by Rhonda Manns McRae, Director. Rhonda's extensive experience includes being a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees. She also has nine years as a School Counselor, 8 years as an Independent Educational Consultant, and 20 years as Licensed Professional Counselor.

What To Expect

Our "A La Carte" consultation and support allows families to customize a college admission plan tailored to their needs. We provide assistance with any of the following college admissions components:

Academic Assessment

Your child's academic transcript, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and future goals are discussed and reviewed followed by suggestions on how to maximize the student’s past, present and future experience in both areas.

Career and Personal Inventories and Assessments

We help students pinpoint strengths and interests and recommend specific academic and extracurricular college programs, thereby, helping students focus on exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Essays/Personal Statements

A strong essay is vital to your child’s college application. Together your child and their counselor will craft a powerful personal statement that highlights their unique attributes, character and interests.

Customized College List/Financial Analysis

Together we will develop a college list that matches your child’s needs, interests, preferences, and talents. We will then inform you of estimated need–based aid and assess the likelihood of receiving merit money from each college on this list.

Interview Preparation

We will review the scholarship and college interview process and provide tips, possible topics and training via role-play to help your child make an excellent impression.

Brag Sheet

The Brag Sheet will include a description of your child's activities, hours/years of participation, position, leadership, and any honors/awards. When done professionally, this is a key strategic advantage in strengthening your child's position in the college admissions process.

Special Talent Portfolio

Students with special talents: musicians, athletes, dancers, actors, mathematicians, scientists, writers, artists, etc., often require additional materials be sent to prospective colleges. We help make sure you stay on top of this additional part of the entrance process.

College Visits and Tours 

We not only help you plan your trips but provide you with proven evaluation tools that help you properly compare schools over the course of your visits. We know the questions to ask and the places to visit so that you can get unbiased information outside of the college tour!

Application Review and Organization

Applications are reviewed with an expert eye to identify and resolve any areas of concerns prior to submission. We also assist in developing a calendar of tasks and due dates to ensure compliance with application deadlines.

Letters of Recommendations

We will advise you on who to ask, how to best approach them and what to provide each writer to help them write more effective letters. We also help facilitate obtaining letters from people outside the school environment.

How To Get Started

Choose from one of the three options below to start your Child's journey today.

Intro Consultation

This is your entry point to developing a custom plan for your child’s collegiate future. Meet one on one with a college planner and discuss your child’s specific situation. We regularly provide college planning services, both in-person and long-distance via phone, Skype or Face time.

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Upcoming Workshops

Register for one of our upcoming workshops in your area. This is a chance for your child to take actual steps which move them forward in the College Planning process. Our upcoming seminars are listed below and designed to speak to the specific issues a student faces based on their grade level.

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Financial Aid Advising Service

This package is designed for students and families who already have a list of colleges which they are planning to apply. Our goal is to help families make college affordable.

Financial Aid Advising

What Clients Are Saying



Class of 2011
“ Got into college!!! I got into my #1 choice. Thank you so much for your help in this process. ”


“ I am proud to say that I was accepted at 3 out 4 colleges. A2Z helped me more than I could have possibly helped myself. I am now a student at North Carolina State University and I keep in touch with Rhonda for advice and to share how things are going. Thanks so much!! ”

High School Guidance Counselor

“ Thanks so much for the information you shared at parent night. Great information on “College Applications: Winning Combinations.” The parents and I really appreciate your time and knowledge. ”

Previous Parent

“ Thank you so much for assisting my daughter with developing her essays. Your guidance really helped her to tell “her story.” She felt more confident in her topic selection and final essays. Without your assistance, this task would have been extremely challenging for our family. ”


Road To Success Program - Elon University
“Very positive presenter. Thank you so much for your encouraging words for my son question regarding his extracurricular activities and how to improve. I could sense a boost in his self-confidence when he realized that his current activities involvement was acceptable. I liked your realistic suggestions for enhancing his current activities. ”

Proud Parent

Class of 2011
“ Your suggestions and positive feedback were exactly what our son needed. He left feeling more confident in his college selections but most of all feeling good about himself and what he has accomplished to this point in high school. ”

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