College Planning Package - A La Carte Services

Our "A La Carte" consultation and support allows families to customize a college admission plan tailored to their needs. We provide assistance with any of the following college admissions components:

Academic and Extracurricular Assessment

The student’s academic transcript, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and future goals are assessed. We take time to review and discuss the student’s past, present and future academic and extracurricular interests. Suggestions are made on how the student can strategically maximize their high school experience both academically and personally.

Brag Sheet

A Brag Sheet is a powerful list of extracurricular activities to showcase their commitment and quality of involvement. It includes a description of activities, time of participation, position, leadership and honors/awards. When done professionally, this is a key strategic advantage in positioning students strongly in the college admissions process. We'll even help customize the Brag Sheet according to individual college preferences.

Career and Personal Inventories and Assessments

Many students begin college unsure about what their intended major will be or change their major while in college. We help students pinpoint strengths and interests and recommend specific academic and extracurricular college programs. With our guidance, students will feel more confident in their course of action and they can focus on exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals.

College Visits and Tours

We help plan college visits and supply evaluation tools so that you can track and compare schools over the course of your visits. We provide you with a list of questions to ask, and places on campus to visit so that you can get unbiased information outside of the college tour. We can also help you contact department heads or extracurricular organizations, so you can learn more about that area of the college during your visit.

Customized College List

Based on assessments, discussions, and feedback from the student and family, we will develop a comprehensive targeted college list that matches the student’s needs, interests, preferences and talents. We will decide the order of preference for each college and strategically focus our efforts, tailoring applications for each school's specific requirements.

Essays/Personal Statements

Students will brainstorm essay and personal statement topics and formulate ideas that will help convey who they are to the admissions and scholarship committees. We'll assist with ongoing revisions, and we'll give detailed suggestions for editing content, grammar and vocabulary. We'll help students highlight their unique attributes, character and interests with a strong essay.

Financial Analysis

We will take the guess work out of college financial planning. We advise families, based on existing college lists developed by student and family, their Estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) based on federal and institutional methodology. We will inform families of estimated need–based aid and assess the likelihood of receiving merit money from each college on the list.


Scholarship and college interview processes are reviewed, we provide students with important tips to help them succeed in the interview. A list of possible interview topics is provided, and we role-play with students so that they can practice and refine their answers. Suggested questions to ask the interviewer are also supplied, so that students can make an excellent impression.

Letters of Recommendations

We advise student on who to ask, how to best approach them and what to provide each writer. Assist students with writing about their experiences which helps the students’ teachers and counselors write more effective letters of recommendation. Facilitate obtaining letters from people outside the school environment.

Organization of Applications

Student applications are carefully reviewed, including identifying and resolving any areas of weakness, error, or other concerns prior to submission. We provide assistance in developing and organizing a calendar of tasks and due dates to ensure compliance with application deadlines.

Special Talent Portfolio

Students with special talents: musicians, athletes, dancers, actors, mathematicians, scientists, writers, artists, etc., often require additional materials be sent to prospective colleges. Individual requirements and timelines for auditions and/or additional application materials are reviewed with students.


Some students start at a technical school before transferring to a 4 year college, while others may find they aren't at the best school for their needs. We help with the transfer process to help students get the most out of what they have already accomplished at their current school and can move to the next college with ease.